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  • Cultural Anthropology

    anthropology the study of the human species and its immediate ancestors holistic encompassing past, present, and future biology, society, language, and culture culture traditions and customs transmitted through learning food production an economy based on plant cultivation and/or animal domestication general anthropology anthropology as a whole: culture, archaeological, biological, and linguistic anthropology biocultural combining biological… View Article

  • sociology quiz 1

    sociological imagination As defined by C. Wright Mills, which of the following “enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society”? xenophobia Feeling discomfort about rural chinese society, where many generations of a family sleep in the same bed, is known as: to explain the sociological imagination how does… View Article

  • Intro to Anthropology Midterm study guide

    Anthropology The exploration of human diversity in time and space. The 4 subdisciplines of general anthropology cultural, archeaological, biological, linguistic Archaeology The study of past cultures & interpretation of material culture Applied Anthropology Applying anthropological knowledge to solving practical, real-world problems Biological & Physical Anthropology The study of humans as biological organisms Cultural Anthropology The… View Article

  • Cultural Anthropology Terms and Concepts

    Culture “to cultivate”; what is learned, shared; body of behavior that is transmitted across generations and is infinitely expandable Ethnography Studying/recording the culture of a people Fieldwork A method of ethnography; gathering data from a group while in the field, usually through interview Participant observation A method of ethnography; studying a people through intense involvement,… View Article

  • Anthro Unit 7

    Strictly speaking, medical anthropology is an applied field within anthropology. False Fortunately for applied anthropologists eager to do effective international work, all governments are genuinely and realistically committed to improving the lives of their citizens. False Which of the following is true about medical anthropology? This growing field considers the biocultural context and implications of… View Article

  • 5 Subfields of Anthropology

    Cultural Anthropology Study of people today Archaelogy Study of people through their artifacts (bones, tools, etc.) Biological Anthropology Studies: human evolution, human variation, other primates, etc. Applied Anthropology Solves real world problems (like the show “Bones”) Linguistics Studies communication and language

  • Anthropolgy: Chapter One

    anthropology The study of human nature, human society, and the human past. holism A characteristic of the anthropological perspective that describes, at the highest and most inclusive level, how anthropology tries to integrate all that is known about human beings and their activities. comparison A characteristic of the anthropological perspective that requires anthropologists to consider… View Article

  • Anthropology Ch1-3 Cont’d

    Infrastructure can be best described as a society’s subsistence system. The rule-governed relationships that hold a society together, with all their rights, duties, and obligations, are known as its social structure. Which of the following is not an element associated with the barrel model of culture? Interstructure As represented by the barrel model of culture,… View Article

  • Four fields of anthropology

    Biological Focuses on evolution, genetics, and primatology. Ex. forensic anthropology. Cultural Takes a comparative approach to observing different societies. Focuses on connections and patterns. Ex. Educators, mediators (medicine, environment) Linguistic Verbal and non-verbal communication. Looks at structures of languages and social discourse. Ex. language preservation Archaeology Focuses on material remains. Focuses on particular time period… View Article

  • Anthropology 2010 Ch- 1-5

    The moral and intellectual principle that one should withhold judgement about seemingly strange or exotic beliefs and practices is cultural relativism The thinker who developed the evolutionary theory or natural selection in the 19th century Charles Darwin Increasing, professional anthropologists are all of the above The 19th century British anthropologist who is credited with the… View Article

  • Anthropology Chapter 1-4

    physical anthropology the scientific study of humans from a biological perspective paleoanthropology asking questions about the emergence of of humans and how humans evolved up to the present time primatology the study of the evolutionary fossil record of our nearest living relatives (ie apes, monkeys, and prosimians) and the behavior of living populations in their… View Article

  • SOC ch. 1sociological imagination quiz

    Who criticized Marx for focusing exclusively on economics and social class as explanations for human behavior and advocated sociological analyses that allowed for multiple influences? Max Weber The Division of Labor in Society was the first of many sociological contributions from: Émile Durkheim Which of the three historical epistemological stages did Comte argue would explain… View Article

  • Cultural Anthropology

    anthropology the study of the human species and its immediate ancestors holistic encompassing past, present, and future; biology, society, language, and culture culture traditions and customs transmitted through learning food production an economy based on plant cultivation and / or animal domestication general anthropology anthropology as a whole: cultural, archaeological, biological, and linguistic anthropology biocultural… View Article

  • Subfields of Anthropology

    What are the four major subfields? Biological, Archaeology, linguistic, cultural What is applied anthropology draws on four main subfields Biological anthropology looks at humans as biological organisms Two parts of Biological anthropology primatology, paleoanthropolgy Primatology study of nonhuman primates Paleoanthropology search for fossils of early humans Linguistic Anthropolgy relates language to culture Archeology studies human… View Article

  • Cultural Anthropology Exam 1

    Anthropology the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings culture the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization subculture a social group within a national culture that has distinctive patterns of behavior and beliefs cultural anthropology gathers holistic info about cultures in order to… View Article

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