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  • Devil’s man

    This scene is also very captivating as there are so many different storylines and agendas going on in it, on the surface you have Elizabeth Proctor lying for her husband which results in them having a dire consequence, and Hales dramatic change of opinion. Underneath you have Abigail pushing Mary to join her by getting… View Article

  • Tragic Character

    Arthur Miller uses Alfieri as a chorus. Alfieri is like Arthur Millers mouthpiece and gives us the introduction. Alfieri does it with hints that the outcome will be tragic. “I sat there helpless” and “run its bloody course”. Arthur Miller sets the scene very calmly and shows Eddie very happy up until the cousins come… View Article

  • Christian Israelite community

    The first main event that we learn of is the moment when the prophet informs the Christian Israelite community in Ashton that, “The Lord has instructed me to take of your number, seven virgins for comfort and succour”. Leah is the first girl who speaks to us, and the reader can find a somewhat humorous… View Article

  • The certain events

    In ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ tension is created by seeing how the characters behave to the certain events. For instance, when a man came from Maw and Meggins, Herbert’s place of work, to tell the family of Herbert’s accident, we see that Mrs. White was distraught by this accident, “She caught her breath, and turning to… View Article

  • Tourism in Antarctica

    Oil spills, although reasonably infrequent, are major threats to nearby wildlife. Increased tourism is also bringing about the invasion of alien species and spores into Antarctica, and although species such as the Mediterranean mussel will not be able to thrive on the ice shelf due to the temperatures, they can prove to be a threat… View Article

  • Is mass tourism good for Kenya?

    Mass tourism is tourism on a large scale, involving large numbers of visitors resulting in great concentrations of hotels and other tourist facilities. Countries which are mass tourist hotspots tend to be in the Development or Consolidation stages of the Butler Life Cycle Model. Kenya has recently become a major tourist destination for a variety… View Article

  • History of Blackpool – growth and decline

    For the majority of the 19th century Blackpool was a small fishing village, which received small numbers of upper class visitors who came due to the supposed healing capabilities of the coast, and it’s fresh air. This changed in 1846 with the creation of a railway line going up to Blackpool, which made travel to… View Article

  • Extreme tourism and Antarctica

    What is Extreme Tourism? Extreme tourism is an offshoot of mainstream tourism that involves the tourist going to areas with a hazardous landscape combined with a dangerous climate or remote areas that are either sparsely populated or not populated at all. More and more people are taking part in activities like rock climbing, white-water rafting,… View Article

  • Liverpool one shopping development

    Liverpool’s CBD needed regeneration for a variety of reasons. During WW2, it was bombed heavily, due to it being a major port for resources from the USA. During the 1960s, it was rebuilt too quickly and then fell into disrepair before 2000, when the design and infrastructure was outdated. Many parts of the city, especially… View Article

  • A piece of wire

    Using this graph, we can predict the resistance of any length up to 100cm. To test if these results are accurate, we can compare the experiment we have performed, with those of previous resistance experiments. The book value, in ohms, for the resistance of a 100cm length of 28swg wire is 4. 4?. This convinces… View Article

  • What affects the resistance Of a piece of wire?

    Tuck tie in. Set up circuit and make sure all wires and apparatus are connected properly. Analysis  What have you found out – state the obvious?  What patterns do your results and graph tell you – give an example Why are your results like this? Link to prediction. – Electrons and model – Proportional –… View Article

  • Patterns of Behaviour

    To form a reaction the particles must collide in high speed. The faster the particles collide the more kinetic energy is produced. This produces a bigger reaction. There are five key variables that affect the rate of a reaction (in this case with a solid and a solution): Change in temperature An increase in heat… View Article

  • What affects a person’s reaction time?

    From the results you can see the mean was higher when they were blindfolded. This is mainly because when they could see, they were using two senses whereas when they were blindfolded they were depending on one sense. My conclusion was correct. However there seems to be a mixed result as for some the mean… View Article

  • The resistance of the wire will be measured

    There were 3 types accuracy equipment we used:  Ruler – which was accurate to + or – 1mm  Ammeter – which was accurate to + or – 0. 01 amps Voltmeter – which was accurate to + or – 0. 01 volts To make sure our results were fair we did each result 3 times,… View Article

  • The resistance of a wire

    As we are dealing with electricity the power supply MUST be OFF before changing the wires or touching the Galvoltammeter.  A very likely mistake is to leave the electricity flowing for too long. The wire will soon heat and burn. To prevent this I should turn the supply off straight away. Fair Test It is… View Article

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