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Computer Essay Topics

Human Computer Interaction Individual Report

We as a group we have been set tasks to evaluate an existing system and capture the required improvements that should be made to the system through comprehensive research using the required methods to improve usability of the system. As a group we are to understand the user and capture its needs through numerous of… View Article

Investigation into wires and resistance

The second two were done using two digital Multimeters so presumably the results on the second two tables are more accurate. Test 1 ammeter/voltmeter: Length of constantan (cm) Potential difference (volts) Current (amps) Resistance (ohms) Ammeter/voltmeter repeat: Length of constantan (cm) Potential difference (volts) Current (amps) Resistance (ohms) Multimeter Test1 Length of constantan (cm) Potential… View Article

E.J. Computers Case

Introduction The company I am going to be doing my project on is a small firm named E.J Computers. The company have been around for about a year and a half now and have 3 staff. It’s run from a small shop, which they have just recently moved to and they are slowly expanding. Therefore… View Article

Comparing Two Computer Advertisements Two Computer advertisements

Whether you like it or not, the media, to a large extent, defines your life and the way you think. It includes television, cinema, radio, video, magazines, books, the internet and newspapers. In this essay I will be taking an analytical look at two computer advertisements that caught my attention in two different newspapers,… View Article

ICT in The Local Community

I will be report I will be writing about how ICT has an affect on my local community which is Bradford, West Yorkshire. I will also include the good things and the bad about each part of ICT as it is used by the local community and laws that effect the way things are done… View Article

Its features and importance

Picture Gear Studio, DVgate Plus, Sonic Stage Other Giga Pocket PVR hardware and software with TV tuner card with remote control Support Policy One-year parts and labor warranty; 24-hour weekday toll-free support during warranty period. $19. 95 fee for phone support after 1-year warranty. Where is it available? What is its price? The SONY… View Article

Tandem Club

Angela and David Williams have just bought a second hand tandem bicycle and have become members of the UK Tandem club. They would like to encourage others in their area of Yorkshire to join them on cycle rides and social activities and so Angela has decided to set up a Tandem Club in their hometown… View Article

White soul system designs

1 – Analysis 1. 1 – Introduction White Soul System Designs is a small computer store that designs and makes many of its own systems and products. It is situated on Queen Street in the centre of Neath. Many people swear by White Soul products and go to the store for any product they wish… View Article

Logic and logic gates

1 describe using examples how numeric and alphanumeric data can be coded within a computer system M1 explain using examples how data travels around the processor D1 create complex logic circuits made up of arrays of simple logic circuits P2 describe how analogue data can be converted and stored in computer systems M2 create logic… View Article

Different control sensors

The idea of a pressure sensor is to ultimately measure and monitor the pressure of either gasses or liquids. But, what is pressure? Well, pressure ultimately is an expression used to describe the process of the force that is used when restraining a gas or a liquid from expanding. It has a certain measurement normally… View Article

Describe the functions

Received assignment which is to cover element 3. 1 all PCs. My initial task is to Gather all relevant information on the basic data structures for storage and retrieval. I will research through lecture notes and the books BTEC Information Technology, BTEC in Computing, File structures theory and practice, as well as to search through… View Article

Our aim is to investigate how much quicker

Aim:- Our aim is to investigate how much quicker a reaction happens if the acid we uses strength goes up, and also to see if there is a pattern which could be carried on to higher strength acids. Background Science:- Chemical reactions play a very important part in our life, some even keep us alive… View Article

IT Definitions Case

HARDWARE * RAM : Random Access Memory. It is the area where all software and programmes run. * ROM: Read Only Memory: This is the memory that is stored in ROM device and it cannot be modified (at least not very quickly or easily), it is mainly used to distribute programmes and firmware (software that… View Article

White Soul System Designs – Creating a Computer System

1 – Analysis 1.1 – Introduction White Soul System Designs is a small computer store that designs and makes many of its own systems and products. It is situated on Queen Street in the centre of Neath. Many people swear by White Soul products and go to the store for any product they wish to… View Article