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Economics Essay Topics

How to Increase the UK’s Productivity?

The UK government can adopt various supply side measures to further increase the productivity in workplace. First, it is absolutely vital to ensure that the education sector continues to receive large amount of funding from government. In fact, it is currently the third largest recipient of budget after social security and healthcare and should be… View Article

How to reflate France’s economy

Introduction There are two different ways to help France’s economy get back on track. They are austerity and growth. Austerity programs consist in a set of policies established by governments in financial debt difficulties. These policies aim to reduce spending for public goods and services. (Example in France, with president Sarkozy, approximately 150.000 civil servants… View Article

Burundi’s Millenium Development Goals

This paper aims to examine the millennium development goals for Burundi, a landlocked country in the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa. Burundi has 8 different millennium development goals that it is attempting to achieve and this paper will examine five of those goals. The millennium development goals of Burundi that will be addressed are… View Article

Tube set to come to Croydon

Assess the costs and benefits of an extension of the tube line to Croydon Private costs can be defined as “costs internal to an exchange, which are paid by an individual economic unit (i.e. producers and consumers). Examples include the price paid by the consumer and the costs facing the producer”. In extending the tube… View Article

Canadian Briefing Note (LCBO)

1. Introduction The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is a Crown Corporation established in 1927. It operates nearly 600 stores across the province and has a monopoly on the sale of spirits in Ontario.1 LCBO generated nearly $2.9 billion annually for the people of Ontario – including $2 billion in taxes and another $900… View Article

The various methods of dealing

Legally, a working Monopoly is defined as a firm which controls 25% of their market. This immediately raises problems, within the measurement of market share, and the definition of their market. Microsoft is a considerably well known monopoly (as a whole), but is this the case for all areas of business? This would be the… View Article

The behaviour of firms in spectator sports

Spectator sports are a very complex type of market structure, with 2 main features of profit maximisation and club success, an issue for clubs is that weather they put sporting success ahead of profit, supporters surely want supporting success, rather than profit maximisation. The premier league has seen great diversity between super elite clubs, whilst… View Article

The control of inflation

Since Edward Heath spoke about inflation in 1973 it has been a generally held view that the conquest of inflation is the most important task for government economic policy. Whilst this view is beginning to be challenged in all political parties, the public universally regard inflation as having a detrimental affect on the economy. The… View Article

International Foundation Year Macroeconomics

Question 2a) Explain the meaning of the term ‘inflation’. Along with the development of society more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that ‘inflation’. Nevertheless, with the advance of the human civilization, the living standard increases gradually so the price index and Retail Price Index (RPI) rise gradually as… View Article

External influences

Three ways in which an increase in unemployment might affect Hacker PLC are Organisation, Payments, and Government spending. Organisation – Unemployment can have a number of effect on the internal organisation of a business. It may mean that the firm can no longer afford to recruit new members of staff because of low demand for… View Article

Government Economic Policies and Business

(a) The government used fiscal policy to increase public spending. This implies that a rise in taxation also took place. The rise in taxes meant that people had less money to spend, i.e. less disposable income. As a result, they were unable to buy as much. This caused the demand of certain products to decline…. View Article

Income and Disposable Income

Income will mean cash income before taxes, and will include government transfer payments such as unemployment insurance benefits, family allowance payments, pensions, welfare assistance, etc. Disposable income specifically focuses on the amount of income available for private consumption and spending. Disposable income takes into consideration the reality that “take-home pay” is heavily influenced by not… View Article

First-Time Buyers

Housing is a common asset that most people regard as their biggest financial asset and the largest make-up of their wealth; the purchase of a house is usually one of the largest investments an individual will make, and therefore lower house prices may encourage more people to consider purchasing housing, serving as a more affordable… View Article

Toray Textiles in to Mansfield

Case Study of * What is Toray? * Why Mansfield? * How does it benefit local community? * The multiplier effect. * Factors involving the choice of a work site Toray Textiles – Key facts : * Established in Japan in 1926. * Owns over 60 branch plants – Asia, North America, Europe, making company… View Article